Your practice, online.

Notera helps organize your practice and makes it available on any device, from anywhere, securely. Choose how and when to access your notes, and manage your clients and employees.

All your clients in one place

No more searching for misplaced manilla folders or the notes that were supposed to be in them. Make filing a thing of the past and keep notes, treatment plans and client background info at your fingertips.

A connected team

Keep your whole team centralized. Therapists, interns, sub-contractors. You can assign roles to let everyone see what they need without compromising patient privacy.

Clients come prepared so you don't have to type as much

After receiving a referral, you can email a parent or caregiver to our Client Portal, where they can complete intake paperwork at their own pace whenever they'd like.

You or your client can always edit and add information to their profile.